Barcelona and neighborhood lowcost guide - 9 days


Barcelona is worth visiting second, third, fourth and every other time. But to start with you always have to come there for the first time. Barcelona gives you an option – here you can either spend a fortune for 5 star hotels and haute-cuisine service or make it a real lowcost tour with even higher impressions. People say, tastes differ. Any way you can always find where to spend your travel budget. Here is my lowcost guide to Barcelona.



The most known resource to find the accommodation is (or if you prefer this way of traveling). However when it comes to a search not for a hotel or apartment guesthouse or hostel, it is always better to look for an apartment on local websites (especially if you plan to stay at least for a week). Especially if it is summer. Many local and inetrnational students leave Barcelona for vacation and they are always looking for someone to keep an eye on their apartments (in spanish: apartamente) or a room (sp. habitacion). I would recommend you to search some local websites for such rental proposals. A very good one is You can choose an English there for better understanding if you are not Spanish-talking. There you can choose from flats for rent, rooms for rent / shared or holiday rentals to find solution that suit you better.


As for my trip in July 2012, I found a very cozy studio with everything necessary in district Gracia for 400 Eur for 10 nights for 2 persons. In other words, it is 20 Eur per night per person. A very lowcost solution. If you are interested, I can share the contact with you. Just write a message.



If you are travelling with lowcost airlines, such as Ryanair or Wizzair or something else, please keep in mind that almost all of them arrive at Barcelona Airport (El Prat de Llobregat) Terminal 2. From there you can take an Airbus (Bus de Aeropuerto A2) for 2.5 Eur one way. A life hack: it comes directly to Placa Catalunia (main square of Barcelona). The same situation is when you go back to the airport – take an A2 airbus. A1 airbus goes to Terminal 1. The cost to go back is the same – 2.5 Eur.

Walking on foot is one of the best ways to see Barcelona. But if your apartment/hostel/hotel is not in the center, by the end of your second or third day of travelling you will be looking for a nearest metro station. By the way, metro has such a widely spread network, that it can always give you a lift almost to any destination without a transfer. Onetime travel costs 2 Eur and is quite expensive. One more life hack: I would recommend you a 10-travel ticket for 9 Eur. You can purchase it at any sales-machine on the station. By the way you can share this ticket with your companion if you have one.



Barcelona offers you a wide range of possibilities to make purchases – they vary from international H&M and C&A networks to local brands like Desigual. The size of shops also can vary – choose either small ones or a mall like malls Sephora, El Triangle or El Cortes Ingles (Placa Catalunia or Portal de l’Angel not far from the first one). A life hack: if you are not a EU-citizen, do not forget to make a tax-free. In El Cortes Ingles you have to make a purchase for at least 92 Eur to make a tax free. After you request for a tax free in the office (that is on level 0 of the mall), stamp the documents at the customs, send the documents via post, they will transfer you the saved amount of VAT to your card. In some smaller shops they have larger limits for tax-free refund (e.g. 150 Eur or higher).

When it comes to sales, Barcelona can offer you a lot. Look for signs «Rebachas» and save more money!


You can always find something interesting and new in Barcelona. Just do not hurry and have a look.


1 day

La Rambla, Barri Gotic, Mercat St. Catarina

Enjoy your first day in Barcelona:,barcelona-1-day


2 day

Park Guel, Gracia, Mecat de Abaceria Central

Enjoy the most cozy part of Barcelona:,day-2-park-guel-gracia-mercat-de-abaceri


3 day

Barcelonetta, Beach, Port Veill, Best seafood shop:,3-day-barcelonetta-beach-port-veill


4 day

Playa de Casteldefels - best view and beach next to Barcelona:,day-4-playa-de-casteldefels


5 day

Parc de Montjuic, Poble Espanyol, Placa d'Espania:,day-5-montjuic-poble-espanyol


6 day

If you want to explore best beaches - go to Costa Brava, to famous Lloret de Mar:,day-6-lloret-de-mar


7 Day

After you examine Barcelona and its neighborhood, it’s good to get higher – to the mountains. Not far from Barcelona there are very interesting mountains, called Montserrat.,day-7-montserrat


8 Day

More adrenalin, new emotions in theme park Port Aventura:,day-8-port-aventura


9 Day

Explore the world of legendary and extraordinary Salvador Dali in Figueres:,day-9-figueres



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